opal energy


“Precious Opal is the Gem of Joy and Happiness. He intensifies the actual Living and enhances the Mind to be Here and Now.

Opal proclaims Fantasy and Creativity, stimulates the Erotic, Poesies and interest in the Arts. Opal also strengthens the Will to Live; Opal is therefore regarded to be a very useful Mineral for your General Health.

Especially Matrix and Nut Opals, as part of the Boulder Opal- Family are meant to be very supportive and strengthening at difficult times, due to the mix of Ironstone with the Opal. These Opals, and especially the Queensland Boulder-Nuts, therefore provide strong Physical Energy as well as Mental Strength.

Yowah Nuts stimulate your Inner Visualization, Creativity and Dreaming like no other Gem of its Kind.”
– Michael Ginger:  The Healing-Stone Lexikon, Germany (1997)

“Opal will work well with the Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Etheric Bodies. Its Focus is to Clear and Build. It can provide you with a much needed burst of Energy, especially when you are lacking in Self Confidence.

Excellent for enhancing Creativity and Intuition, releasing Anger and enhancing Feelings of Self-worth. Opal helps Connect You to Your Higher Self.”
– Sheril Berkovitch: (the Crystal Workbook)

Opals apply their Healing Energy through looking at them, by wearing them or carrying them on you, touching / feeling them, or laying them onto certain parts of your Body, where they are preferably applied to the Third Eye and Crown– Chakra.

In general Opal has the quality to enhance your self-esteem and build creative energy.

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